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Do you have what it takes to win UK's Dazzling Beauty 2017?


The Search has begun for UK's Dazzling Beauty 2017 has begun. We are looking for 65 fabulous girls and women (juniors, teens and seniors) aged 8-35 from all over the UK to enter our competition and represent your amazing city in our pageant.

We would like to to enter this pageant TODAY if you feel that you have what it takes to be our new winner! YAY!


We have been SUPER BLESSED to have had hundreds and hundreds of applications since setting up the pageant in 2012! We have organised over 40 live heats/pre-grand finals/grand finals and hosted several pageant training days along with hosting online courses. We have had over 150 girls and women that have competed in our pageant along with over 1,000 attendees that have attended our live heats and grand final events.


This year we are searching for REIGNING Queens to serve and reign with the crown and title that represents your city and the overall winner of UK's Dazzling Beauty 2017 will be announced/chosen by the judges in November.


For our pageant to move to the NEVEL of success we need your help. We need girls and women that are super keen to make a difference for Charity! Our target is to raise over £10,000 for charity this year and with your help we can achieve this goal.


We are searching for girls and women that will represent these UK cities/regions to join us: Manchester, Wolverhampton, Hampshire, Cardiff. Sussex, Derbyshire, London, Belfast, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Southampton, Northampton,

Leciester, Cambridge, Suffolk, Winchester, Dorchester, Gloucester, Lewes. Newport, Kent, Cumbria, Wiltshire, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Dorchester, York, Cornwall, Midlands, Reading, Ipswich, Brighton, Bedfordshire, Chester and the list goes on!


So we have a few questions for you Dazzling lady!

- Do you dream of breaking into the TV, Modelling and Pageants industry in a bigger way?

- Do you dream of meeting like-minded fabulous friends that are just like you that you can network and socialise with?

- Do you see yourself raising money for charity, making exclusive appearances at event, on the stage performing, modelling or winning the crown& awards?

- Are you sick and tired of just wishing to be a Star and want to actually start doing what it takes to make it happen instead of just wishing for that 'ONE DAY to come along?

- Do you feel that perhaps you are destined to do something great with your life, become a role model and inspire others? If your answer is yes to many of these questions then join the UK's Dazzling Beauty family today for a chance to transform your career and your life!

- Do you have a gift, talent or message to share with the world and you just KNOW that this year is your year do so great things?

- Are you looking for a team of beautiful girls and women that will be there for you, rooting for you and inspiring you to become the BEST version of you?


If you answered YES to at least one of these questions then this is for you wonderful lady!


All you have to do is get the ball rolling by applying for the

UK's Dazzling Beauty competition today :-) APPLY HERE

Meet our amazing winners of UK's Dazzling Beauty 2015/16

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Lindsay, 21, is a Hairdresser and Waitress from Coventry.  She is our new stunning senior winner of UK's Dazzling Beauty 2015/16, since winning her 1st crown and title in our competition she has featured in two newspapers, and raised over £1,000 for two charities which includes the British Heart Foundation Charity

Eva, 13, from North London. She loves modelling, going for photo shooots, gymnastics, fashion and has raised over £600 for charity! She would like to make a big difference with her crown and title by help young girls to have confidence and raising more money for charity 

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Julia, 9, from Cambridgeshire, loves singing and photo shoots. She has raised over £160.00 for Charity and often inspires others by telling them that nobody’s perfect but everyone is beautiful no matter.